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Monday, 6 June 2011

Give peace a chance

Helping bring peace and deeper understanding, one life-sustaining young woman at a time: what an inspiration I have recently discovered the Creativity for Peace project to be.

Hereis a link to an article on this excellent project which brings Palestinian and Israeli girls together. Through dialogue and art projects they are learning both to meet their supposed "enemies" face to face and to become newly inspired leaders for their society.

"We're not only living the change we want to see. We're also creating a common history, after living a whole life of separation and boundaries," says the co-ordinator.


  1. Hits the spot, right on the button. To infuse a new generation of young bloods with ambitions of cooperation, collaboration and community could change the entrenched way of thinking forever. But will old hardened attitudes allow them to change and desist from indoctrination.

    I believe it is possible even if it takes a generation or two...

  2. Thanks poetjanstie - I concur with your optimism and timescale.